For every individual who embarks on a soul-searching journey to India, Bali, or other sacred sites around the world, there are countless others whose busy lives don’t permit an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom. The good news: the world’s wisdom is about to come to you.

The Voices of Wisdom Project (VOW) is WildHeart Vision’s new, not-for-profit initiative to preserve and promote ancient, living, and emerging wisdom in a short-form video archive that will be made available online and free for all.

Featuring the teachings of indigenous elders, the world’s foremost spiritual leaders, and the often-overlooked keepers of everyday knowledge, VOW’s videos will offer guidance on a variety of topics affecting individuals the world over: relationships, finances, forgiveness, tolerance, wellness, and much more.

An equally important part of VOW is you.  We welcome people of all faiths, ethnicities, genders, and generations to submit knowledge documented in their own homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. Together, we’ll co-create one of the world’s largest collections of video wisdom to inform and uplift us all.

We hope you’ll check back often, as we’ll be sharing exciting updates in the weeks to come.  Thank you so much for being here.


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