10 Reasons why Ancient Wisdom is Good for You

In our modern, hectic world one may ask why something ancient and even old-fashioned would be beneficial for us, as it is the future we want to concentrate on. What added value does it bring to our lives that are already so packed with things, information and exercise?

Funnily enough, it has everything to give. Ancient wisdom is carved in our DNA. The problem is that we are not anymore connected to it, and that is why life is causing us big problems and struggle. Imagine any animal or plant in the world. We all know that in order to survive and breed, an animal follows the teachings carved in its DNA. We call it instinct. We humans are no different. But we are losing our instinct, which is born through the trials and errors of our ancestors.

If getting in contact with ancient wisdom and your instincts does not motivate you enough, here are ten more reasons for making your world feel and smell better, for everything to make more sense and why ancient wisdom is good for you:

1. THERE IS NOT ´ONE´ REALITY. Here is an easy example: a forest for a European boy means a different thing than it means for a Native American boy. For the first one the forest could represent a means to earn money, for the other one it is a living space playing a part in his destiny like it has done for many generations before him.

2. WISDOM CALMS YOU DOWN. Nothing spiritual here. Mindfulness and wellness are parts of ancient wisdom.

3. YOU WILL NEVER FEEL WORTHLESS AGAIN. You are part of a long lineage, and there really is a reason for everything and everyone.

4. ALTERNATIVE REMEDIES. They can be found, for example, to addictions, mental illnesses, autoimmune diseases and cancers. If you get really sick, you will have alternatives in your back pocket that modern medicine is ignoring (this does not mean that we should forget the gifts of Western medicine).


6. RELATING WITH YOUR ANCESTORS THROUGH ANCIENT CEREMONIES. You enter the fast track of history, and it gives a tingling sensation of doing something forbidden, because it is something unknown and therefore unacceptable.

7. LEARNING FROM LIFE EXPERIENCE. The connection between generations that is so normal for every species, can be repaired.

8. SUSTAINABLE LIVING ON EARTH can be effortless, and it does not mean we have to go back to the Stone Age.

9. STRENGTHENING YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL EYE. Ancient wisdom gives you tools to understand human behavior.

10. MAKING YOU SMARTER. Based on experience, very difficult to explain and probably can´t be proven scientifically.

As Lao Tzu says: you become depressed, if you are living in the past. You are anxious, if you live in the future, but if you live in the present, you are at peace. And that is exactly what the teachings of ancient wisdom give you: the ability to live here and now and enjoy it.


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