11 Most Frequently Asked Questions from Wisdom Keepers


If you had the opportunity to meet a real Wisdom Keeper, what would you like to ask? We put this question out to social media and interviewed Wisdom Keepers. Here are the 11 most common questions for which people want answers:

1. Who am I and is there a destiny; if there is a destiny, am I here to change others or myself?

2. How did you, Wisdom Keeper, achieve your knowledge?

3. Why do there have to be so many lessons of hardship and how can one create a good and happy life?

4. What is your question or motto, Wisdom Keeper?

5. Will you tell me about the Spirit?

6. For what do we need wisdom because don´t we know already everything we should know and much more than the elders?

7. Is there an afterlife?

8. Are we connected to our ancestors? How?

9. What is the contrasting approach of traditional healing techniques and Western systems?

10. How can I stimulate my innovation capacities?

11. Why do all the mental and physical teachings and practices take so long?

We collected many more interesting questions, covering everything from the nature of time to the existence of aliens and, interestingly, the Wisdom Keepers were capable of answering most of these questions.
Follow our blog and find answers to these questions and many more that might broaden your knowledge.


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