Wisdom is fast disappearing from the world. The information noise on the web prevents wisdom to rise above the radar. The majority of knowledge and wisdom in the world is still in undocumented and oral form. Voices of Wisdom want to preserve and document this wisdom and give it a voice on the web. The appreciation of traditional knowledge and skills is a growing phenomenon globally. We give extra attention to this dormant knowledge. Voices of Wisdom want to explore and be a loudspeaker for the experiences and teachings passed on from generations to generations.

When the world is strongly focusing on the collapse of biodiversity one tends to forget that this challenge is 100% intertwined with the fast disappearance of etnodiversity in the world. Worldwide there is a strong belief that technology will solve all the challenges the world is facing today and in the future. But at the same time the development of our inner technology has been lagging behind.
It is time to advance our inner technology with the wisdom of the past, to be able to fully function in the present and to have wise visions for the future.


Voices of Wisdom grow into a global web-based market square of wisdom, where the providers and the searchers of wisdom can meet. We invite everyone to document the valuable wisdom around us, either with their film cameras or mobile phones. Our service will storage them and anyone can come and find the disappearing wisdom of different areas of life and cultures from the website.

Through the film competition FACES of WISDOM, we encourage youth to go and look for wisdom and become Wisdom Hunters.

Also through compelling television, feature film, and special event production, we’re chronicling the lives and thoughts of indigenous elders, the world’s foremost spiritual leaders, and the often-overlooked keepers of everyday knowledge.


Voices of Wisdom family is managed by WildHeart Vision (www.wildheartvision.com).

Currently the blog is managed by:

Kitty Ihamuotila

kitty pienempi

Helena “Kitty” Ihamuotila is a Finland-based writer and creative who has worked in the fields of charity, fashion, and lifestyles. Kitty´s interest is to find ways to create and insert more meaningful content to already existing, popular formats in the web, on TV and films. Ancient wisdom has given her valuable tools that she can use in her work as well as solutions to everyday problems. She wants to share these teachings with you.

Kitty holds a Master of Arts in art history, as well as a degree in political sciences. She has been active in charitable programs and fund raising efforts. Most recently, she set up a program to help provide expectant mothers with advice and coaching.

Kitty is integral in WildHeart Vision projects with main responsibility on the Voice of Wisdom.

Contact information can be found from the contact- menu


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